January 19

Connecting the Credential to the Employer

Hip Hip Hooray!  Your students have successfully passed the MSSC assessment and they are on their way to receive the MSSC credential!  This is a great addition to a student’s resume and also their own personal development.  Many students may go on to pursue further education or may already have a job lined up, but what about the students that are entering the job market?  How can you help them reach that next step to employment?

Our most recent best practice outlines what Ivy Tech Community College system in Indiana does to create the connection from the credential to the employer.  Their program “Advancing Manufacturing” launched in February of 2012, is a mid‐north Indiana regional partnership of industries, organizations, education, government, and MSSC, that’s bringing job training and career opportunities to those seeking employment in the high demand fields of advanced manufacturing.  This program provides the following:

“Debuting in February of 2012, Advancing Manufacturing offered already skilled applicants access to direct‐hire positions with manufacturing companies and those needing training the opportunity to earn the MSSC Certified Production Technician (CPT) certificate. MSSC‐Authorized Instructors with years of manufacturing experience teach CPT Courses at Ivy Tech Corporate College – Lafayette. The cost to train is approximately $2,600 per student. After a student has completed 90 days on the job, the employer is asked to pay for half of the expense (approximately $1300) to keep the program running. All partners are also asked to help support advertising costs. To date – 225 people have earned the CPT credential and over 168 have found manufacturing employment.”

To read the full best practice click here

How does your center connect students that receive the MSSC credential to local employers?  Leave your comment below!

-Catherine Feeney, Community Outreach Manager, MSSC


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