January 12

Getting Parents in on the Conversation with Manufacturing Careers

To the Baby Boomer Generation the perception and reality of a manufacturing facility appears to be very different than its current state.

In recent years, there has been a mass explosion in all media realms from the classroom to the White House, of companies and institutions dispelling this perception of manufacturing facilities being a “dark and dingy place” with features of advanced manufacturing, technologies, career pathways, etc.  Yes, it is important to relay this message to students, but what about their parents who have this unfavorable idea engraved in their memories as well?

Relaying to parents that a student pursuing manufacturing will earn on average $24.96 per/hour* and there are opportunities for promotions, further education, etc. is key to filling in the 295,000 industry jobs* available that will address the Skills Gap that many employers are facing in their community.  Below are some of the ways to make this key connection:

  1. Parent information sessions on class offerings geared towards manufacturing/logistics, tours of classroom labs, etc. at MSSC Assessment Centers
  2. Local manufacturing employers opening doors to parents to give tours, provide information on benefits of working with company, expected salary ranges, work environment, etc.
  3. Internship opportunities that connect students at the high school level with an employer.  Parents can be included in this conversation on what pathway this can create for students in career & technical education.

How does your center inform and engage parents on opportunities in manufacturing?  Leave your comment below!

**Bureau of Labor Statistics

-Catherine Feeney, Community Outreach Manager


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