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September 13

Government Sources Strengthen MSSC’s Accountability Metrics: Wages, Job Placement and Quality

Given their increasing use of industry certifications to upskill the American workforce, both federal and state agencies are requiring more rigorous accountability data to justify their support for individual certifications.  The government sources cited below reinforce MSSC’s leadership in three key accountability metrics:  wage impact, job placement and quality assurance.

These sources further strengthen the argument for MSSC as the nation’s “Gold Standard” for certifying the core technical competencies for front-line work in advanced manufacturing and logistics.  MSSC encourages government agencies and schools in the MSSC Community to use the sources below to support the selection of MSSC.

Job Placement and Earnings Potential

The IL Department of Employment Security (IDES), in conjunction with independent subject matter experts from the IL State University (ISU), conducted a study of 400 MSSC Certified Production Technician (CPT) completers from 2012-2014. Released on July 27, 2017, preliminary findings indicate a significant positive impact on job both placement rates and earnings potential. Please click here for the full MSSC Career Outcomes Presentation

In summary, the study found that job placement for MSSC CPT completers occurred almost immediately after training.  In addition, both youth (under 25 years old) and non-youth (25 years old and over) showed significant earnings gains in the first two years of employment.

Overall, MSSC CPT completers earned 14% higher than their non-certified counterparts. For youth, the jump was 40% in the first year and another 35% increase in year 2, showing that MSSC CPT completers are able to earn a significantly higher salary than those without the certification.

The findings detailed in the report above reaffirm the Fall 2016 IL Certification Data Exchange Project findings from the IL Community College Board (ICCB).  The ICCB report studied 791 CPT completers from 2011-2015. ICCB research found that those with the MSSC CPT industry credential showed 40% higher wages than those without a credential after 2 years (4 quarters) on the job.

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  1. I plan to work on my CLA at Cedar Valley College within the upcoming months. I would like to know which companies or industries acknowledge the MSSC CLA certificates. If any information could be shared regarding this certificates it would be appreciated. Thank You

    Carla Hatter

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