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October 12

Guest Blogger: Timothy Leyh, The University at Buffalo (UB) Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE)

With over 800 MSSC Assessment Centers across the nation we enjoy taking the opportunity to highlight centers that are spreading the word about the programming that they are offering at their location.  This week we wanted take the opportunity to share with you our guest blogger, Timothy Leyh, from The University at Buffalo (UB) Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE).  Check out what they are offering this month to students interested in earning their CPT Certification!

MSSC Supporting Manufacturing Growth in Western New York

After decades of economic decline, the city of Buffalo, NY, has reached a turning point. Advanced manufacturing is gaining a stronger foothold, as it is across New York State (NYS) and the country, and bringing new jobs.

But accounts from employers and regional economic development reports indicate that there are not enough qualified workers to fill new positions, much less current ones being vacated by retiring employees.

The University at Buffalo (UB) Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE) – which fosters improved performance among the business community – is helping to fill this void in Western New York, and chose MSSC as the vehicle to do so.

“When we researched how we could address workforce needs of the growing advanced manufacturing industry, we found MSSC to be an excellent enabler,” said Timothy Leyh, TCIE executive director. “The material aligns with the knowledge and skills we aim to cultivate.”

TCIE offers a CPT training course that incorporates the four production modules of safety, quality practices and measurement, manufacturing processes and production, and maintenance awareness. The 140-hour course features web-based education supported by classroom learning, which reinforces the virtual workspace lessons through interactive discussion and hands-on simulations.

TCIE will also provide a fast-track version and is an authorized MSSC assessment center, offering the four core CPT exams.

Initiatives of NYS Gov. Andrew Cuomo are helping to fuel the manufacturing resurgence in Buffalo and throughout the state. Through START-UP NY, new and expanding businesses can operate for 10 years without paying state business, corporate, income, sales or property taxes, or franchise fees.

More significant to the creation of manufacturing production jobs, the Buffalo Billion plan commits a $750 million state investment to SolarCity’s high-tech photovoltaic solar module manufacturing facility. SolarCity, in return, will hire 800 process/module technicians over the next year.

“The CPT provides the foundation that manufacturers seek while also empowering workers with a portable credential,” Leyh said. “As the industry expands and more job opportunities arise, we believe MSSC programming will become a core workforce tool.” 

For more information about TCIE’s programs, contact Timothy Leyh at or 716-645-8844.  

If you are from an MSSC Assessment Center that would like to be a guest blogger, e-mail Catherine Feeney, Community Outreach Manager, MSSC at

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