April 16

How do you Incorporate the e-learning Modules in the Classroom?

The most common conversation that I have with MSSC Instructors is how to keep your class engaged with the e-learning modules. A conversation that I had recently with Butler Tech in Hamilton, OH opened my eyes to the possibilities of incorporating the e-learning in the classroom along with engaging local industry. Here is their story:

“The four modules of MSSC are an integral part of Butler Tech’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) program. This program comprises basic and advanced levels in several key manufacturing areas such as welding and machining. Students learn basic manual operations and then move to the advanced levels in Robotics Welding, CNC Machining, PLC Automation Controls and Robotics. The AMT curriculum is weighted heavily in process automation technology.

The MSSC curriculum provides the foundation for students entering careers in manufacturing. The Safety, Quality Systems, Production Processes, and Maintenance Awareness modules are introduced at the start of the AMT program(s). To increase awareness and experience in these areas, students divide into “Investigation Teams” during visits to regional manufacturers.

The Miller-Coors Brewing Company of Trenton, Ohio is one such company with which Butler Tech has collaborated for the benefit of students in the AMT program. Investigation teams search for systems/technology utilized by Miller–Coors and report to their peers where the MSSC training applies. Ex. Quality Team-Miller Coors has numerous quality control methods in place to help eliminate waste and bad product.” For more information about Butler Tech you can check out their website

If you are an MSSC Instructor please post a comment on how you incorporate and engage the e-learning modules in or outside the classroom with your students.

-Catherine Feeney, Community Outreach Manager

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