April 30

How does your school engage industry? Exploring the MSSC Employers Outreach Toolkit

So your students have gone through the e-learning modules. As an MSSC Instructor you may have also included a hands on component of utilizing macrometers, machine operations, blueprint readings, etc. From an outside perspective you have an individual prepared, eager, and ready to step out into the world of manufacturing! Now…time to connect the students to those 4.2 million available jobs (statistic from the DOL). An example of this connection is MSSC Assessment Center Washburn Institute of Technology & five Topeka companies:

“Washburn Institute of Technology and five Topeka companies have teamed up to train job seekers for hard-to-fill manufacturing positions. Bimbo Bakeries, Del Monte, Frito-Lay, Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Mars Chocolate collaborated with Washburn Tech and the Kansas Department of Commerce to develop a program to train certified production technicians for entry-level food manufacturing jobs. The program goes beyond typical job training because the participants can meet with employers before they start and do job shadowing during their training. Participants are guaranteed a job interview if they complete the program, though hiring is not guaranteed.

For Mars, it was important to hire people who fit the company culture, so many of the nearly 200 employees do not have experience in food manufacturing they include a former biology teacher, construction workers, and someone who worked at Target.”

To read the full article click here

This process takes planning and building relationships. Make sure that you do no come empty handed to the next meeting your school may have with a potential employer. This is where our Employers Outreach Toolkit from the MSSC website will come into play. In order to better communicate the value of MSSC, the Employers Outreach Tool Kit includes information on both its CPT and CLT certification systems with summary of standards, current infrastructure, how employers can use MSSC, and sample presentations MSSC centers can use for employer presentations.

Check out our website to view the Employers Outreach Toolkit

If your school has done a similar project to Washburn Institute of Technology or if you have general comments, please feel free to post them below!

-Catherine Feeney, Community Outreach Manager

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