October 10

Industry Week publishes futuristic article, “Education 4.0” by MSSC CEO, Leo Reddy

Industry Week editors recently asked Mr. Reddy for his personal views, as a national thought leader and strategist, on “the future of manufacturing.”

In his September article, published by IW on its “Manufacturing Day” site, Leo argues that just as “Manufacturing 4.0” is the current vision of a manufacturing sector that represents a fourth Industrial Revolution, the education system needs a parallel, employer-driven “4.0” vision of a transformed education sector. “Education 4.0” would define career readiness as its first priority enabled by advanced technologies and the tools of modern management. The benefits to the nation of an efficient, career-centric education system would abound, including sustained labor productivity growth, steep reduction in student debt, closure of the skills gap, and other economic benefits exceeding over $1 trillion annually.

Please follow the link for the full article in Industry Week

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