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May 3

Meet DeShon Mills-MSSC April Student of the Month!

Congratulations to DeShon Mills for being April’s MSSC Student of the month! DeShon earned his Full CPT at the Rowan-Cabarrus Community College during the Fall of 2015. Having been out of high-school for only a few months, he knew he wanted more than his fast-food position. He lacked opportunity for advancement, he felt like he lacked a future.

DeShon wanted to find a position that could lead to a career, so he could afford a reliable car and be able to support himself. His hard-work, dedication and continued hunger for learning made him stand-out in class. In a completely new environment of learning, he was able to grasp the concepts due in large part to the user-friendly set-up of the class and modules. During proceeding interviews, he was identified as someone with extremely high potential, which ultimately led to a terrific starting position – one that exceeded many entry level positions. He attribute his success to the MSSC program – without which, he said he would still be working a register at the local fast food establishment from a year ago.


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