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January 31

MSSC Board offers guidelines to assure quality of industry-recognized certifications

The foregoing Pew Research report on the growing importance of technical certificates to the general public underlines the importance of criteria for assessing the quality of the growing proliferation of so-called “industry credentials.” Given MSSC’s nearly 20 years of experience as one of the most vetted national certification bodies, the MSSC Board distributed a set of “guidelines” for federal and state agencies last October to evaluate the quality of “industry-recognized certifications.” These guidelines, while more detailed, have the same basic structure as do those used by the Department of Defense for selecting civilian credentials for use with active duty military personnel.

These requirements are essentially that the certification has to be (1) accredited by a nationally-recognized third-party accreditation body (e.g, NCCA or ANSI); (2) represent an entire industry, industry sector or major occupation and be nationally portable; or (3) endorsed by a leading national industry association. These criteria would apply only to well-known industry national certifications such as MSSC CPT, AWS, NIMS, SME (manufacturing); ASE (auto service), NCCER (construction); CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco (IT); quality control (ASQ); supply chain management (APICS, IMS), distribution-logistics (MSSC CLT).

Click here for the MSSC-suggested Board QA Guidelines!

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