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February 23

MSSC Lists Highest Geographic Concentrations of its Certifications for Front-line Work in Manufacturing and Logistics through a New M&L Certification Index

The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council released today its first edition of the MSSC M&L Certification Index. A data-based indicator of MSSC industry certification intensity by states and within states, it is designed as a guide to assist companies and state economic development agencies in decisions about where to locate plants and distribution centers.

An industry-led non-profit, the MSSC is the national leader in certifying the industry-wide core technical competencies for front-line work in both manufacturing and logistics. It offers the Certified Production Technician (CPT) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) nationally portable industry certifications. Now that it has issued well over 100,000 credentials nationwide, MSSC has started to list and map those states and locations with CPT and CLT certification numbers above the national average.

Within this M&L Certification Index, the Top 20 ranked states are, in order: IN, FL, WI, OH, SC, TX, IL, CA, NC, MO, KY, PA, MN, TN, NY, MI, IA, OK, WA, VA.

Explains MSSC CEO, Leo Reddy, “This Index provides hard data that economic developers can use in identifying geographic areas that have a documented commitment to preparing a higher skilled, certified front-line workforce for the needs not only of the nation’s manufacturers but also of the closely related transportation-distribution-logistics industry.” Harry Moser, President and Founder of the Reshoring Initiative, concurs. He notes, “There is no question that the availability of a higher skilled workforce is now one of the top factors for those making plant location decisions, including when reshoring.”

MSSC will be updating and releasing its M&L Certification Index semi-annually. For a copy of the full Index, see “Reports” menu at

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