February 21

MSSC shows solid growth in 2017 and bright outlook for 2018

We are predicting a banner year for workforce development and CTE, driven by the surge in manufacturing jobs, strengthened economic growth, the growing skills gap, the new tax bill, the rapid expansion of apprenticeships, and major new federal legislation, especially the Higher Education Authorization bill (HR 4508) and reauthorization of the Carl Perkins Act. These trends are also converging with a sense of urgency globally about the skills crisis (see report below from World Economic Forum) and deepening concern among college students about finding career pathways (see Strada-Gallup survey report). 

Along with being well positioned to respond to these challenges and opportunities. We are building on a solid growth year in 2017, with an overall increase in CPT and CLT assessments of 15%, 18% increase in the number of MSSC certified instructors and  24% increase in number of MSSC testing centers. Based on the 2017 edition of its National Production Standards, we are already in the process of updating its course-ware to expand coverage of emerging process technologies.

In 2018, we will launch a nationwide campaign on behalf our new “hands on” CPT+ Skill Boss program, expand its credentials in the logistics arena, and build on its apprenticeship offerings.  We are also helping to lead a powerful new Coalition for Career Development (CCD) that will enable all students to be far more successful in building individual career pathway plans, while greatly increasing their awareness of the value of high-quality, industry-recognized, nationally portable certifications like those offered by our organization.

We are looking forward to 2018!

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