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November 21

NC Governor’s NCWorks Award of Distinction goes to CPT Grad!

Marvin Lear, who was in the Certified Production Technician training class held in East Spencer exactly one year ago, was nominated by Centralina Workforce Development for a North Carolina Governor’s NCWorks Award of Distinction and he was selected!

Marvin will be presented this award for “demonstrating exceptional achievement to attain career-related goals. Here is a short video presentation of his journey.

Also, here is Marvin’s full success story:

Marvin worked at the Charlotte Observer for 29 years but the company began reinventing the way they did business and started reducing its staff. Marvin’s highest level of education was his high school diploma. He had dedicated his time and effort to grow with the company and worked his way from the bottom up, starting out in an entry-level position at $12.50 an hour to making over $32/hour in management. When Marvin packed his things, all his certifications stayed with the company. Working at the Charlotte Observer was all Marvin had known and he felt lost when he began searching for work — almost all the positions he saw required a college education and certifications, all of which he did not have. He had years of experience in an outdated industry and now he was competing for a job with more educated and certified people. Marvin was told about the North Carolina Manufacturing Institute (NCMI) and knew he needed to attend the NCMI training to become more marketable.

At 52 years old, he had to re-invent himself and learn new technology and skills. He attended training every weekday for 8 weeks, participated in manufacturing plant tours, resume and interview workshops and earned the nationally recognized Certified Production Technician Certificate in December of 2016. At that time, he was introduced to several of the NCMI Employer Partners after graduation at his class’ Interview Fair. One of those employers, DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation which is the world’s largest manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbons for barcode and dye-sublimation printers, was very interested in his printing experience and hired him immediately.

Located in Concord, NC, Marvin began his new career in January 2017 as a Coating Operator working with photography film machines. Marvin had been at DNP for only 9 weeks when he was promoted to the position of Group Leader, managing six employees with the responsibility of manufacturing both film and paper that is used in photo processing. His story does not end there, though. With his extensive printing experience, Marvin was sought out by LSC Communications, a spin-off from the Fortune 500 company, R.R. Donnelley & Sons. With the too good-to-refuse offer of a 60% increase in salary and all moving expenses paid, Marvin and his wife moved to northwest Mississippi in August. He is now a Lead Press Operator with the opportunity to move into a supervisory position in the next few months.

Congratulations Marvin!

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