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December 19

Now Available! 2017 Edition: MSSC National Production Standards!

MSSC is pleased to announce the 2017 edition of its national Production Standards, the substantive foundation of the MSSC’s nationwide Certified Production Technician (CPT©) training and certification system.  To download the full 23-page standards document without charge, please go to the “Standards” section under the “About Us” Menu at

With the current resurgence of manufacturing in the U.S., government agencies and educators are increasingly asking companies to define their skill needs.   These organization will conserve millions of dollars and much time by using the MSSC Production Standards and CPT as their starting point for any manufacturing work-and-learn programs, including apprenticeships, summer internships, and company-specific training.

The MSSC standards are the vehicle through which the manufacturing industry “SPEAKS WITH ONE VOICE” ABOUT ITS FOUNDATIONAL SKILL NEEDS.

These standards are the authoritative, industry-defined, foundational competencies needed for ALL the 6 million+ front-line production jobs in the U.S. (Please click here for the List of Manufacturing Production Jobs). The standards also provide a common nomenclature and format for describing core manufacturing competencies nationwide.  Customized skills needed for specific companies or regions can then be added ON TOP of the MSSC Standards.

Thus, these standards provide the substantive foundation for all manufacturing workforce development programs involving front-line production technicians:  apprenticeships, summer internships, boot camps, and company-specific programs. They also provide the foundation for MSSC’s highly innovative, hands-on CPT+ “Skill Boss” assessment and training program in partnership with Amatrol. Please click here for full Skill Boss brochure.

The federal National Skill Standards Board formally endorsed the MSSC Production Standards in 2001.  Over 500 companies, the leading industrial unions, and 400 CTE schools developed and validated those standards nationally with a public-private investment of nearly $10 million.  At its own expense, the MSSC updates these standards annually with industry subject matter experts to ensure that they are keeping pace with technological change and industry best practice.

MSSC disseminates its standards-based CPT training and assessment services through a network of 2,000 MSSC-trained instructors and 1000+ assessment centers, mostly through community colleges and secondary schools, in 49 states.  MSSC is the only national industry certification body accredited under ISO Standard 17024 (Personnel Certification) and endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers for both manufacturing and logistics.

The outcome of the 2017 industry expert review of both “commonly used” and “emerging technologies” is contained in the “Advanced Technologies” section on p. 16 of the Production Standards.

For a general update on MSSC, please refer to the National Gold Standard document.  For further info, please contact Dina Igoe, Senior Marketing Manager, at or at 703-739-9000.

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