May 14

Overcoming the question, “I don’t get it.”

A common challenge among educators in all fields of study is the question from one or many students in their class, “I don’t get it?”  As an MSSC Instructor you may notice that one e-learning module may be more difficult for your students than another.   How do you fill this gap?

For MSSC Instructors we encourage hands on learning components that can be incorporated in with the e-learning modules.  This is a win-win for students that are auditory or visual learners, and it provides them insight into how tasks are completed in the real world of manufacturing and logistics.

The video below is a look at how MSSC CPT Instructor, Bruce Dickson, at Jefferson Community and Technical College presents the e-learning content to students in the classroom setting

How have you helped your students overcome challenges with understanding the e-learning in the classroom? Please leave a comment below.

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