May 28

Student Success Story

As students start to file into the classroom full of chatter, laughter, and energy you call attention to the front of the room to begin class.  As they begin to settle and all eyes are on you, take a minute and reflect…do you know your students’ stories?

A student’s story can range from personal to professional, which can be hard to learn in the hustle of cramming in preparation for finals, making sure grades are in on time, summer school being right around the corner, and the list goes on.  Below is a story shared by a staff member at Cincinnati Hamilton County Community Action Agency (CHCCAA) who took the time to get to know one of her student’s story-

A CHCCAA Cincinnati Manufacturing Certificates (CMC) program student recently graduated (Oct 2013). In addition to graduating the program she also successfully earned the full Certified Production Technician (CPT) certification.

 This student is a single mom who worked nights and completed the CMC program during the day. She actively and aggressively pursued a job in manufacturing and was hired by ThyssenKrupp Bilstein Company in Hamilton, Ohio. 

At first she found it difficult to reach out to the many manufacturing companies in our area, but ultimately it was worth it.   She loves working for Bilstein and continues to work hard to support her family.  She was grateful for having the opportunity to receive the MSSC CPT training  because it took her career in a different direction that she really enjoys.

 Quote by staff member at CHCCAA that worked with student, “I must say that it was a pleasure working with this student and seeing her determination [to] become a success.”

What is your student success story?

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