July 4

Top 4 Tips for Appropriate Interview Attire

The big day is here, you have an interview!  When you jump out of bed and look into your closet to decide what to wear…make sure you take a second look.  An interview is an opportunity to express to the employer your skills set, to learn more about the position, and to also make a great impression.  This first impression all starts with your attire.  Below are tips to make sure you make a statement and land the job!

  1. Make sure that you are well groomed the day of the interview ex. no hair in your face, smell pleasant, clean fingernails, cover exposed tattoos, etc.
  2. E-mail the employer to ask what appropriate attire to wear to the interview is based on the company’s environment e.g., business suit, professional, casual, etc., if you have any doubt it is always better to “over-dress” than under-dress.
  3. Bring a notepad and folder to the interview containing your resume & cover letter.  It is always a great idea to jot down notes about the position and it conveys to the employer that you are engaged in learning the details about the company.  Google the company and learn as much as you can about it to identify why you would like a job there.
  4. Although the 6 inch stiletto heels may be stunning or the gym shoes are more comfortable, save those for the weekend!  Wearing a pair of clean and professional mid height heels or casual flats for women or dress shoes for men is appropriate.

-Catherine Feeney, Community Outreach Manager (MSSC)

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