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Top 5 Job Search Websites

Taking that next step into a job can all start with one click. Well, multiple clicks that can lead you down a path of a million job search sites that can end in a bit of frustration. A good place to start is to check out “trusted” websites, which can mean that it is funded by the Department of Labor or by your state. Below is a list of the top 5 job search website that we recommend-

Career One Stop
Sponsored by the Department of Labor where you can explore a career path that is right for you based on your skills, interests, and location. Also, provides links to certifications, finding a better job, and resume/interview tips!

American Job Center

A U.S Government website that provides a network of sites with job searching and professional development tools. A great feature includes a search engine for you to state your skills and the site will search positions that match.

Network…network…network and this is the place to do it! If you do not already have a Linkedin account put that at the top of your to do list. As like other sites where you are constantly reposting your resume, CV, skills, experience, etc. on LinkedIn you can create your own personal profile that employers can view and contact you if they are interested in your skills set! You can also search for jobs, receive the latest news on companies, and connect with individuals that can become part of your professional circle that you are trying to build.

My Next Move
Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor provides searching tools that break down your search to keep it simple. You can browse by industry, interest, or if you are unsure of what you like to do or want to be the site can help! There is also a Spanish version

Hiring Our Heroes
Website that is part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce foundation is geared toward military veterans. This is a great resource to find out when the Hiring Our Heroes job fairs will be in your city so that you can meet face to face with employers. An excellent tool in this site is a search engine that will translate your military position for employers to understand. Also, there are resources for spouses seeking employment as well!

If you have recommendations to help fellow students, please post a comment below!

-Catherine Feeney, Community Outreach Manager

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