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October 19

Winner Announced of 2015 MSSC Authorized Instructor of the Year Award!

MSSC would like to THANK YOU for your compelling nominations for the 2015 MSSC Authorized Instructor of the Year Award. The stories and the impact that so many MSSC Authorized Instructors have made in and outside the classroom is phenomenal! We are thrilled to announce the winner of the 2015 MSSC Authorized Instructor of the Year Award, Victor Burgos from Ivy Tech Community College!

victor-2 (2)

Here are a couple of highlights from his student and staff nominations:

“He has impacted the lives of over 50 WorkOne Job Seekers and employed students with many advancing in their current position or hired into manufacturing positions within the Southern Indiana Region. Mr. Burgos inspired his students that after training for the CPT to continue into the Mechatronics and Robotic fields which some of the students have plans to continue training. He has opened the door to Advanced Manufacturing with Indiana being the number one state in Manufacturing.”

-Stacey, Staff

“Victor challenged us to always “keep our eye on the prize”. Although broadly referring to a concept, term, symbol, or process related to our curriculum of study in manufacturing practices, safety, and theory, Mr. Burgos always related from his life experiences of employment, education, and teaching. It was immediately apparent to me as well as all in the class that Victor was “a tonic of positivity and attitude”.”

“Victor is a terrifically dedicated teacher, instructor, and facilitator.  Victor gives us unending enthusiasm and passion for what ostensibly is total immersion from a well-rounded and educated human being. He is ALWAYS engaging, PATIENT, supportive, interesting, and professional! He strongly supports our success in the class room and the future of our careers in manufacturing employment.”

-Anthony, CPT Student

“Victor set a very productive tone in the classroom, treating us as adults, yet leading the class purposefully. He expected excellence, but wasn’t hard on us when we fell short.

He prepared us to not only pass the tests, but also gave us knowledge about how to succeed in a manufacturing environment afterwards. He was cheerful and encouraging.

And to top it off he gave an inspiring speech at our graduation ceremony which urged all of us to take advantage of the MSSC certification experience.”

-Perry, CPT Student

While we could only pick one winner, there were so many tremendous nominations, that we would like to highlight several honorable mentions who are also taking major strides to bring MSSC to their communities and helping their students to succeed! The following instructors will be mentioned in our upcoming MSSC Community Update newsletter, on our social media platforms, and our website:

Mark T. Van Meter, Preeminent Training Specialists, LLC
John Battista, Prosser Career Academy
James Schoen, Tennessee College Applied Technology, Murfreesboro
Anthony Del Veccho, New Jersey Council of County Colleges

Thank you all for supporting MSSC in “Certifying the Industrial Athlete of the Future!”


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