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October 20

WIOA Draft Rules and Regulations Embed Industry Standards and Certifications

MSSC is pleased to bring to your attention that the U.S. Departments of Labor and Education released what they coined as the “next step in shaping a new generation of workforce and education strategies” with the release of the proposed rules implementing the Workforce Investment Opportunities that Congress passed last July with overwhelming bipartisan support.

According to the helpful reporting from the National Skills Coalition, the Departments posted five Notices of Proposed Rulemaking governing the implementation of WIOA which cover jointly administered activities, DOL-administered WIOA provisions, Adult Education and Family Literacy, and the Rehabilitation Act. These proposed rules include specific regulatory proposals as well as key questions to which DOL and ED are seeking answers during the public comment period.

For the MSSC Community, we have completed an in-depth WIOA Rules Analysis of the 1,106 pages of DOL-administered activities related to credentialing, certifications, and standards.

We were pleased to see many references prioritizing individual industry-recognized credentials, certifications, and standards. These regulations thus embed these critical workforce development tools into DOL and ED workforce programs for the new WIOA era that lies ahead. This is great news for the MSSC Community. These regulations portend long-term stability and consistency in the use of industry-defined standards and certifications in the workforce skills development arena–a strong public policy foundation for continued growth of MSSC and our industry and education partners.

The timing could also not be better, as MSSC is now reaching out to industry to do a national re-validation of both its national Production and Logistics Standards, scheduled for public release later this month. These industry-recognized, nationally portable standards are the backbone of our Certified Production technician (CPT) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) training and certification programs.

For the full WIOA regulations document, please click here WIOA Regulations 2016.

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